one day late, but at least I showed up!

There wasn’t a whole lot of narrative development in this episode aside from the whole killing D whiz shit. As I look back over my notes, I see alot of comments about the fashion and such. so maybe this post will just be a giant brain dump and who amongst us doesn’t enjoy my inane thoughts? if you dont, gone and leave now. better luck to you next week……

  • the police just left shell casings out at a crime scene for Kanan to just walk out and find….okay.
  • Davina Greenleaf beat that girls ass
  • Raq and the raquettes keep holding court in front of them big assed windows
  • Older brother gonna be an issue
  • Soon as I see Le Coq Sportif, Ill be happy.
  • Officer Epps shole aint DJGQ, but hey……he tickles me.
  • Why Is lil brother trying so hard to get his Kelz on with Lil Angie? this show loves mid grade Latina actresses…..I guess everyone can’t be JLO
  • Jukebox and ol girl……altogether now “WE DONT CARE”
  • Dwhiz wanted the glory from the hit on Buck and now he has it….RIP Whiz, we barely knew you,
  • Why did older brother go so hard in the paint over White PR lady? He sat up and said how Raq hates white girls and he did everything except actually drive miss daisy in an effort to impress her. Told yall….he’s gonna be trouble.
  • Where IS the club owner? Imma fall out if they found a way to de-age Stern and he shows up.
  • yall think we gonna get a young ghost and Tommy appearance this season?

see yall next week!

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3 thoughts on “Kanan Concepts 1.2”

  1. Trinia DeFourneau

    Straight living for these Myalogy moments ? thank you. I didn’t comment on the first ep recap but Raq is definitely killin’ the game and may just be my favorite actress for 2021. Lovin all the gear. That jogging suit Unique had on though ?????? This is definitely thee best of the Power Series. Better actors all around too. Thanks Mya ☺️ Can’t wait for the rest.

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