Greenleaf, The Grandless Finale

I’d like to open this post by saying that I am grateful to the writers of Greenleaf. They took, initially, some subject matter that could have stayed in the Tyler Perry echelon of tv and elevated it to something even the harshest of critics (hi mom!) could enjoy. But by the end, boy did it stink from the roota to the toota. The whole Hampton, the real HU thing. The whole will thing. The whole Carissa got the clap thing. The whole Sophia sending out her non existent tits thing. The whole house thing. The whole Jacob daughter thing. Jacob.

Before Bishop died, they attempted to kill him a couple season ago, so when we got to the penultimate episode, I was like they better kill his ass this time orrrrrrrrrrrrrr……So they ended up killing him, thank goodness. And Lady Mae, the gloriously gorgeous Lynn Whitfield, got up to address the church that somehow got saved from H&H (not quite sure how that happened, if anyone knows hit me up), and a rousing address it was. The theme of which was “make me new”, which apparently was the theme of the writers room. Why do I say that? Well because of a major cliffhanger from Season 4. One the writers assume that we forgot and maybe some of yall did. But I didnt, cuz God didn’t make my brain new. So with that, I have one major question for the writers of this show.


REALLY GREENLEAF WRITERS? Yall had this naker just appear on the Greenleaf property, ask Grace all types of questions, about her dead sister, her parents, her GPA, her SSN, the house, why Carissa’s head was so skinny, about how Mac was on the flight manifest for Epstein’s island with not nary a question from her REPORTER ass and just have him walk off and disappear into the ether, without another mention, thought, or whiff, aside from a news item about him being killed for the drug theft her actual son (?) committed.

When I tell yall you will never know how much that burned my chaps, trust me, you won’t.

Why introduce a character in the fucking season finale of the penultimate season of a show with no idea what to do with him? Why raise the idea that he may really have been Grace’s true son? Why have Grace respond so stupidly to his appearance. Why not alert the security to his presence on yalls property? Why not mention it to anyone else in the family? Why act like it never happened? Why? WHy? WHY??????

Im so happy this show is now off, cuz I don’t think I would have been able to sit thru another dangblast season of it.

Now, on to Power Book II and Lovecraft Country. Join me. Make me new.

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