Kanan Concepts 1.3

So this is gonna be another brain dump post. Just my rando notes as I was taking them, because again, not alot of narrative development took place. I will say, I remain undeterred. Three episodes into tariq’s story, they were still focusing on them weak ass professors and their sex issues and I was wondering why. I mean by the end of the story, I was still wondering why, but at least they ended up playing a substantial part, so this is my show and Im sticking with it.

moving on….my notes in sequential order.

  • opening up with let the rhythm hit’em – solid choice
  • officer epps should stop trying to chase down youth offenders in a blade coat and barney miller steppers
  • Third week in a row, im compelled to mention how beautiful raq is….and she got two sex scenes…meowwwwwww
  • This little naker Kanan smelling himself a bit too much
    • questioning his mother and her houseguests
    • going to school when he feel like it
    • asking his uncle what his uncle doing in his own Childs room while standing up with no good reason to be standing up in his uncles house.
  • DEANangelo Barksdale is the plug!
  • Officer Epps is dying…I hope this is an important plot point down the road.
  • Jukebox getting the Mary J “imma cut a demo in the mall” Blige treatment
    • I shole hope her lil girlfriend don’t get the Andre Harrell Hookup before her
      • but lets be honest she turned out to be a dirty cop so that whole singing career don’t matter
        • while we on Juke, are we gonna have to listen to her sing EVERY episode?
        • while we still on juke, at the boost, did she not only drop her mask, but also her knife? NOT SMART
  • Some one tell big brother Marvin that dogs aren’t interchangeable. You cant kill someone’s purse dog and replace it with a rotttie.
  • A serious aside: its truly sad to see how drugs decimated our communities, Marvin’s pride at Kanan entering the game was pathetic.
  • So Jess the mid Latina is an adult…sorry I called you a Kelz last week LULU
  • Kanan don’t even know how to price drugs. Family just sent him into the streets ass out.
  • So, is officer epps only on his own side? He aligned himself with Unique last week, but took his stash this week to help out raq, but probs only did it for himself. right?

See yall next week……

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