Powerful Thoughts 4.4

We’re in this together.

That’s not only the title of this episode, but a line that is spoken by nearly all of the characters: Angie to Tasha, Tasha to Jamie, Procter to Jamie and Tommy to Proctor.  Last week, I briefly mentioned the mirrored dialogue in the show and that trend continues this week.

Question before we start — who has the higher body count?  Tommy, Hannibal Lecter or R.Kelly?  I KEED. I KEED.  Prolly Kelz tho, right?  I SAID I WAS KIDDING! Let me stop.  Nothing is funny bout that piece of shit.

And now, for those of you that were more interested in how CO Darkness was gonna abuse Jamie than ol girl returning to her GOBSMACKINGLY GORGEOUS DRAGON LAIR….

Lawyers Gonna Lawyer

This season the lawyers, Proctor in particular, are doing a bang up job.  As Angela continues to get shitted on due to the DNA evidence and her box getting tossed, her male counterparts are making major moves. Proctor put the cables on black baldhead Fed, so hard he turned dude into the “Angry Black Man,” cast aspersions on his character and got the gun thrown out.  Kim Tall Un Mak cast aspersions on the validity of Proctor repping Jamie and Tommy and got him thrown off the case.  Angie cast aspersions on Jamie’s loyalty to his family, which placed small cracks in Tasha’s loyalty to Jamie.  Proctor casts aspersions on Angie’s belief that Jamie is a selfish murderer, which causes her to review the security footage of Jamie’s Truth office, which shows that at NO point did Jamie hide that gun there…..which means someone else did.  DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.

Tommy Teresi

I mean that’s gotta be it right?  This dude gotta be Tommy’s dad or someone super close to him.  Tommy continues to be the most interesting character at this point in the season.  To date we’ve seen him fuck and finesse Keisha; handicap the Dominican Shrek; threaten Dre; hold down Tasha and the kids; and murder a federal agent.  Tommy bout that action, boss.  He makes the drop per Jamie’s request and comes face to face with one of Teresi’s associates, who shows his hand and KINDA admits to a mob hit he and Teresi committed, which is enough evidence for Jamie to call Teresi’s bluff.  When Teresi asks to see Tommy, Jamie not only tells him that aint gonna happen, but the blackmail is over too.  Teresi may know who Jamie is, but Jamie also knows who Teresi is and what he’s done….acts that would put his dying wife’s life in further peril.  Teresi appears to get the picture, but we never know.  He also meets with Proctor, who tells him an agent has incriminating taped evidence on our boys. Tommy demands to be there when the tapes are played – one on which Tommy admits to killing Lobos with Ghost and one on which Tommy is heard murdering Ruiz. Fearful that the tapes will get out, Tommy shanks ol boy with no remorse in PROCTOR’s crib and wipes the bloody knife on Proctor’s shirt.  They are TRULY in this together now.

Julio Dangerfield

No respect.  Not from Tommy, who has zero tissues for his issues, especially when Dre’s money is late.  Not from Dre, who gave no fucks to be on time for his drop and didn’t even bother to explain why he wasn’t at the primera meeting.  Not from the Taino leader, who told him straight to his face told him he didn’t trust him to do his job and then turns around and talks shit to Dre about his distrust of Julio. I sincerely doubt any of this would be happening if Tommy was still distro.  Haven’t any of these people heard of a learning curve?  The White People’s President is getting one here in Murrica, surely someone as fine as Julio should be getting some adjustment time.

Got Til It’s Gone

St. Patrick Family bank accounts – gone.  Weave Got the Fun – gone.  Truth – gone.  The feds are squeezing the life out of Jamie and his family, which is weird cuz his crimes aren’t financial, but hey…I’m not a lawyer.  If someone got me on this one, hit me up.

Myalogy Minutes

  • Jamie looked fine as hell pushing that weight off his almost lifeless body.
  • Four seasons in and I STILL love the theme song
  • CO Darkness has killed before and will have to kill again at another prison if Proctor efforts are successful
  • I hate this niglet lawyer.
  • “Are you trying to get me to slap the fuck out you?”  Slap her Tasha….or at least have your mom no one has seen lately do it.
  • Kills me how Kanan’nem just sitting up in that old dead ladies apartment.  Aint nobody looking for her?
  • Kesha’s eyes are greener than Badu’s upon learning Tommy’s getting out her bed to sleep on Tasha’s couch.
  • Someone told me the actress playing Raina is 21 which is crazy, cuz her body reads 11 and her face reads 211.
  • Tariq’s probably gonna end up in jail just as Jamie is released. He is the only common thread at the burglarized houses.
  • Speaking of that dick…he’s moved from hoops and syrup to hitting blunts and boo-tay.
  • Alright Tommy!  Gone and fuck the doubts out your girl!
  • Silver being Jamie’s only way out terrifies me.

Whatchall think?

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6 thoughts on “Powerful Thoughts 4.4”

    1. Yes face of a 211 year old was priceless? And why Proctor know people that can get rid of bodies???

  1. I was wondering about the old ladies apartment too and yes I can see Tariq getting locked up when Jamie is released… however do you believe Jamie will go back to Angela or Tasha after he’s released?

    1. Seeing how dumb Ghost has been the past 3 seasons over Angela, he may just go back to her. If that happens I am so done with this show

  2. “Kills me how Kanan’nem just sitting up in that old dead ladies apartment. Aint nobody looking for her?”
    THANK YOU!! They need to address that, like where did he hide that poor old woman’s body?

    “Someone told me the actress playing Raina is 21 which is crazy, cuz her body reads 11 and her face reads 211.”
    Lmfao…girl you are hilarious. Since season 1 I always noticed that something was missing on Raina, but I could never quite put my finger on it, until this season I realized that she doesn’t have eyebrows.

    “Tariq’s probably gonna end up in jail just as Jamie is released. He is the only common thread at the burglarized houses”
    I think this season may end the way season 3 did but with Tariq in jail this time. In the words of the entire audience of this show “HE NEEDS HIS A** WHOOPED!”

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