Since Im waiting on Tone and have nothing better to do, I thought I’d do a blog post, since I pay for this domain name and shit.

Hey black people!  While we arguing bout rapey old black men and dueling baby mommas of a never was rap star, Congress was further disenfranchising you!

Here’s it is:

Trecretashionvaris goes to buy a benz on his administrative assistant salary.  Benzo sends his deets to the bank.  Bank tells benzo “we only gonna hit him with a 8% interest rate, but if you wanna make some more money on your end make it 12%.”  Benzo 1 looks at Benzo 2 and says “wait, he’s a darkie, hit him with that 16% so we can make MORE MONEY MORE MONEY MORE MONEY!”

The homies over at CFPB (The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) said : “wait a minute muthafuckas! yall gotta stop overcharging our nubian brothers and sisters and other “persons of color”, and if you dont, you better make sure you charge everyone the same interest rate.”  The dealers said “talmbout same interest rate.  fuck you mean. wait thats too hard, we cant be expected to treat car shoppers equally.  Lobbyist do your job!  Create a bill allowing us to continue to be discriminatory.  Tell Congress we need help robbing people!”  And Congress heard their plea, looked into their clear eyes and strong hearts, and answered their call.

Here are the Illinois Democrats that sold us out.  (sorry other states, you have to look it up for yourself.)

8th District – Tammy “UP FOR 2016 RE-ELECTION” Duckwork – 847.413.1959

17th District – Cheryl “Cheri UP FOR 2016 RE-Election” Bustos – 202.225.5905

11th District Bill Foster – 630.585.7672

3rd District Dan Lipinski – 708.424.0853

5th District Mike Quigley – 773.267.5926



Do with all of this information what you will.



Poor, poor Flint.  By know we all know whats going on in that poor town.  And there are several people that should be in jail, much like here in our beloved Chicago, but I digress.

The water is fucked.  The people are fucked.  The town is fucked.  What you probably didnt know, is that way before the water was undrinkable, unbathable etc, the town was being used for fucking target practice.  YEPPERS.  Michael Moore, the peoples champ and official #feelthebern-er, wrote an article about the 10 things we dont know about Flint.  Horrifyingly enough he wrote about how the town was being used for two years as target pratice.  Unnanounced  military exercises were taking place “complete with live ammo – GRENADES AND SHIT – and explosives” inside city limits!   Yep.  This would be the perfect time to go find Yeezus and ask him to talk about folks not caring about black people, but Yeezus is dead. RIP.

(shouts out to all the Chi-Towners doing their part during the Flint water crisis.  I see you.  So does the Good Lord.




Is in jail.  He did not escape.  I wish I was surpised at how often I saw this article shared on social media, but Im not.  The fake site did a good job this time as it presented itself with a url very close to abcnews’s, but…….

From the “about us” section of the website:  Do you have a complaint? We love to hear them! You can call our complaint department directly at (785) 273-0325. Do you have a problem with self-rape? Are you looking to get off the Devil’s playground?Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin can help! Praise Fappy!




And y’all believed that shit.




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