Powerful Thoughts 4.8

First, I want to open up this recap giving a shout out to the moron that posted that screenshot of Sandoval in a pool of blood from the leaked episodes.  I wish your dad had been as quick as you and pulled out and leaked you onto those dirty sheets your mom banged his boy on two nights prior.


Federal Agents Mad Sandoval’s Flagrant

One thing about Angela, when she said she was gonna find Greg’s killer, she wasn’t playing NO games.  With Donovan and Saxe firmly on her team, they set in place a plan to take down Sandoval, for being the mole and the murderer of a federal agent. They have all the pieces in place, but no actual proof – which poses a problem initially.  Am I the only one that thought that Saxe was double crossing them by telling Sandoval that Angela believed he was the mole?  Well good thing we were wrong. Once Saxe told him bout Angie, Sandoval got his shit locked and loaded.  This mofo is something else yall.  He really believes he can kill his way out of this.  He arrived at Angie’s door and she opened it for some reason.  The scene then played out eerily reminiscent of Greg’s impending death.  Question. Admit. Confess. They keep reasoning with this dude.  Good thing Angie is smarter than Greg.  She wasn’t going out like no sucka ass clown, Sandoval found he couldn’t keep a dope fed down.  CORNY AF I AM.  So he tried it, pulled that gun on her and told her to prepare to be reunited with her former lover.  BUT OH NO….Angie was wired the entire time and the feds were right downstairs. Soon as Sandoval start talking, they ran up in the joint…but too late!  Angie already shot and disarmed him, setting him up for the long con.  She then went to Silver and told him Sandoval was arrested who told Ghost who decided to kill him.  RIP Sandoval. You moved the hell out this plot.  If you plan to kill someone in heaven, just dispose of the gun, don’t plant it.  Bless.

All’s Fair In War and Dre

This muthafucka here.  He ain’t gonna be happy til he can have a face to face conversation with Shawn. First he crashes a meeting between fine ass Alderman Larenz and Ghost, which he didn’t tell Ghost about because Alderman said Ghost would be fine with it.  WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE REMIND THIS NWORD WHO HE WORKS FOR.  He can’t seem to remember.  Then, he takes Ghost and Tommy to the meeting with the Jimenez and puts eyes on the opposition.  Is he doing that because he wants to know how he can be a better distro to the people that put him in that position?  FUCK NO.  This fool wanna set up his own meet with them to tell them how he can eliminate their Ghost/Tommy problem.  Tommy is right. Obvi.  The Jimenez owe their organization the land and the port…Julio’s freedom and presumably life was paid for – honorable bidness men wouldn’t need time to think it over.  The Jimenez aint honorable tho.  They don’t want to concede anything to Ghost/Tommy and are eager to listen to what Dre has to offer.  At least the Jimenez are better with babies than Kanan.  They will just kill him, his baby will be fine.

Tariq St. Patrick, Choate Class of 2020

This week Young Riq took a crash course in Aint Bout Dis Lifeness 101.  Bored with his parents, angry at his sister and broken hearted over Kanan, the young God hits up some people I aint ever seen on the show and tells them that “he’s in.”  In is a heist in a well to do neighborhood.  Tariq plays the straight man and goes to a wealthy woman’s home under the pretense of raising funds for his swim team.  The woman is impressed enough with his code switching that not only does she open her steel door to him, she tells him to wait in the foyer while she gets her money.  I thought to myself in that moment, this woman was dead before she woke up this morning.  I’m from Chicago, SouthSide, Wild 100s – we aint opened the steel door for nobody since it was installed.  And def not for nobody selling no candy.  Halloween don’t even exist on my damn block.  Those could be midgets, not kids out there.  Fuck that.  And that’s how my MAMA feels.  Anyway, while he is waiting for her to return with her life savings, two of his boys Brains and Rapist, rush the door and demands to be taken to the safe.  Hearing all the corruption, Tariq ascends the stairs after them, and finds Brains ransacking the room and Rapist attempting to live up to his name.  Horrified, Tariq pleads with Brains to make Rapist stop – but once he said Brains name out loud? Night night, wealthy white lady.  Tariq tore ass up out that joint. Ran all the way home and begged his mama to send him to Choate – the boarding school Raina begged him to attend.

The Ballad of Tony and Kate

After learning that his love of redheads likely came from Teresi’s balls, Tommy sets out to find Kate and confront her about his true paternity.  SN: Every time I see Kate on screen I think of Holly and how she would have been just as terrible a mom as Kate.  Tommy is fortunate she’s gone.  In true Kate fashion, she lies about Tommy’s dad and says he left and that’s it, that’s all.  Tommy aint satisfied with that and he goes to Teresi’s house under the guise of meeting Sammy, the dude he made the money drop to, I believe.  Mrs. Teresi must have remembered him cuz SHE LETS HIM IN…why these white women keep letting folks in their house?  Oh, because Mrs. Teresi seems to have a little plan of her own.  While she is off getting Tommy some dark licka, she begins to question him about his mother and her lovely Irish name.  Likely cuz even tho women don’t be saying, women be knowing their hoe’s hoes.  At that EXACT moment, he turns to the EXACT page in a photo album that shows the EXACT moment Teresi held him close in front of Kate’s old house.  Armed with this pic, he goes back to Kate and she confesses everything…except EXACTLY how, if Teresi took that picture, and then they never saw him again, HOW HE GET THE PICTURE, KATE?! Lying ass liar.  Kate’s pissed.  She goes and sees Teresi in jail and tells him to stay away from Tommy. He tells her, his name is his name and anywhere she may even think about going his name will find her. Shouts out to Weebay.

Myalogy Minutes

  • Now I know Tasha got that pussy dicked out, but did she get her brains dicked out too?  How you sitting next to your son talkin bout your lover?  Does lean affect your hearing?  Wayne always seems to hear just fine.
  • Ghost, why would you know Silver had a woman or anything about her?  He hates you.  You hate him.
  • Dre please die already.  And be buried in that plum suit cuz it was shaaap.
  • Alderman Larenz and Ghost…..whooooo chile.
  • Why does Ghost still trust Dre?  Anybody?
  • Dre’s glasses nerd got promoted!  Yay Glasses Nerd!
  • Is Ghost in the game or not?  I’m confused by this.
  • I don’t like that Baby Huey ass black man that works for our boys.

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