Powerful Thoughts 4.9

Saturday night I attended the bbq of someone whose food I love ALMOST more than I love him.  I got to the party late and could only get one of his world famous (or at least south side famous) chicken burgers, which I promptly wrapped up and took to my car, so I could continue the reverie.  I was so excited to get home and eat that burger while watching Power, which is exactly what I did.  First, I pre-post-gamed.  I knew that <redacted> would lead to me becoming even more hungry, thereby intensifying my love for the food and the show.  When I tell you that when I got to the end of the show and the end of my chickenburger, I was left depleted, chicken literally dropping from my agape mouth as I sat there heartbroken over someone I never even really cared about.

Tommy Teresi, Psychopath

See, here is a word that we throw around ALOT, but in some cases it is exactly the word we should be using.  Tommy is crazy as fuck, certifiably.  There are not many people who would choke up their mother while confessing to murdering their baby mama, but hey that’s just how Tommy rolls, right? We repeatedly see him do crazy shit and just love him anyway.  Well that’s good because he needs our support and love now more than ever.  Dre’s masterful plan has come together and Tommy is without his drugs, his money, his organization and he fucked around and let the coke and the anger leave him without Ghost.  Y’all – their exchange in Ghost’s office was so funny and real to me.  Someone said to me recently that if you aint stopped talkin to a good friend, they aint a good friend.  Only a good friend can promise to kill you and you write them a check and let them walk out the crib alive.  But there Tommy was, threatening his brother, head butting him and walking his high ass out the door.  Having been turned away for consignment by Jason and spurned by both Tasha and Keisha, Tommy secures his birth certificate from Kate and sets off to see his father in prison. The joy they felt at seeing each other was some Oscar level acting…I could sense it thru the screen as Tommy remarked how Teresi looked like an older version of him. The old man asks his son if he can do anything for him and Tommy tells him he needs to meet the rest of his family  – sounds like some Henry Hill action is on deck.  The EYETALIAN MAFIA is coming to Power.


No.  NO. NO! What y’all not gonna do is subject us to this shit again. There is NO way these people should feel a modicum of anything for each other.  Well, let me correct – there is NO way this man should feel anything for her.  Her feelings are understandable.  She loves a conflicted man – been there.  You falsely accused him of murder and arrested him, then found out he was innocent.  So you helped free him, cuz YOUR BAD. But nword – You REALLY wish her well?  You really want to sit and stare lovingly as she appears in the room?  You really wanna touch her?  You really wanna use the one good eye Tommy left you with to make eyes at this heffa as she ascends the staircase?? Fine. You get what you get.

Andre Coleman What Dey Call Him

Last week, I posited if Ghost was like Dre on his ascension to the throne.  Now I know, without hesitation that he absolutely was.  This shit he pulled off, while not at peak Ghostosity, was almost there.  He needs to cook a little bit longer before he can come up with some capers like Planmaster J.  In the span of three episodes, he’s had Julio killed; undercut Tommy with the Jimenez; burned the stash; got Cristobal “fired”; turned all the Primeras against Tommy; got himself “fired”; marked Kanan for death and moved himself into position.  I think for the most part we are universally in agreement on our hatred of Dre, but this fool is smart than a mofo.  That speech about being underestimated by his bosses?  Classic.  I still don’t think he is long for this world though – the previews showed Ghost dressed in his killing clothes….and although a certain murderous police officer is a likely target, we’ve seen Ghost spend a whole episode killing his organization, then going back to change into his tight suits.  Dre is not safe.

A Requiem for Raina

I don’t even know where nor how to start.  Tariq’s caper from last week left too many loose ends.  Although he is on his way to Choate, he just couldn’t leave the street life well enough alone to keep everyone safe.  Ray Ray, the rogue cop that used to run with Jukebox and Kanan, is hot on the trail of Tariq, Brains and Rapist, due to their heist on the rich white woman, who has no concept of for whom she should open her door. Ray Ray is pissed they didn’t get approval for the lick and likely their poor handling of it.  He finds them at their hideout and promptly murks them.  2 loose ends down, 1 to go.  He goes to Tariq and Raina’s school looking for Riq, but he’s not in school that day.  Undeterred, he gets his little cousin/Tariq’s bustit to crack him and set up a meet.  Bustit says she will meet Tariq at his school dance to give him some lean for his trip to Choate.  At the dance, Tariq and Raina share a sweet moment about their impending separation and how they won’t be spending their next birthday together – amongst many other things, unbeknownst to them at the time.  He leaves his sister when he gets a text from Bustit to meet him out back and finds Ray Ray waiting instead of her.  He manages to run off on Ray Ray, but looks out from his hiding place to see his sister admonishing the killer cop.  He watches as Ray Ray lifts his gun and shoots Raina at close range.  He hurries to her side as her murderer runs off and watches his sister bleed out onto a pile of freshly fallen snow.  Baby Girl has left us.

Myalogy Minutes

  • Loved Ghost and Tariq’s conversation at the top of the show.  So honest.
  • I wouldn’t have tossed my coffeemaker just cuz Ghost bought it.  I love coffee. Eff that dude.
  • Of course Tommy loves pizza.
  • Why would Angie be promoted?  I get Proctor’s interest, being on the other side of the law and all.  But a federal agency.  Man please.
  • Do y’all know what Alderman Larenz wants from Ghost? Cuz I don’t.
  • Do y’all know remember who Maria is that gasped when she saw Ghost’s interview?  Cuz I don’t.
  • Why that principal bring a cop to Raina’s classroom?  Call his parents for fuckssake.
  • That snow falling outside Jamie’s home office was just so perf.
  • “I’ve never seen you walking so fast.  Love and Hip Hop about to come on?”   <3 Tommy
  • Pussy can get you in SO much trouble.  SEE JAMES AND TARIQ ST. PATRICK
  • Kanan #FTMFW for:
    • fighting off three killers
    • sending Dre all them emojis
  • Watched with manfriend as Raina died.  Not one, lone, but MANY gangsta tears.
  • Tommy’s story to Keisha was all true, but just nword bullshit.  “That aint even me, Yo.”  I KNOW THATS RIGHT MRS. ANTHONY!

Whatchall think?


Editor’s note:  If I had watched it at its original time and then watched GOT, I woulda called off from work today.


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6 thoughts on “Powerful Thoughts 4.9”

  1. maria was ol girl from season 1…problly the 1st episode who’s boyfriend tommie killed and ghost drove back to the hood and dropped off. if i’m wrong, my bad…but even if she’s that person or not…WHY THE HELL THEY even bring her back…it’s been like 3 seasons since…ugh.

    1. Tiffany Michele Bellamy

      You are right! But I bet we are going to find out how she ties into the storyline real soon.

  2. I agree with who ole girl is. I thought Julio had something to do with that episode too am
    I wrong? I remember he had a big night at Da Club. But Tommy needed him to do it for the crew one more time. So he did. As for Tate, he wants Ghosts street juice I think. He may want in on the drug game.

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