Powerful Thoughts 4.7

Telling y’all right now – you’re gonna be mad at me.  I’m warning you.  I had empathy for Young Riq last night.  Well really Saturday, cuz I’m a nerd with ZERO LIFE who watches at the stroke of midnight.  ANYWAY…..

As some of you may know, Executive Producer 50 Cent was miffed at Starz for not seeing the value in his runaway smash show.  Apparently Court & the Gang wanted 12 eps this season to fully flesh out their story and Starz said: NO BUENO. Take these 10 and beat it.  As a result, a lot of us along with 50 are slightly displeased with the pacing of the show.  This Tasha/Silver love is perplexing and out of nowhere.  Kanan turned on Jukebox rather quickly and conveniently.  No one really seems to care Ghost got out of prison.  Like when Tommy picked him and Tariq up.  That was his FIRST time seeing Ghost and not he aint even get that complicated (to me) ass handshake they do or an ebonically tinged “Welcome Home muthafuckah” or nothing.  But, we still love the shit, so……

The Emancipation of TashTash

Season 1 Ghost made the mistake of putting Tasha in a box and perhaps he was right to do so at the time, but now Tasha is coming into her own.  She’s always been cunning and able to code switch, without question.  Now she is seeing who and what she and her life are sans Ghost.  Again, I’m not buying this Silver shit.  It’s inauthentic as fuck.  It wasn’t properly set up.  There were no knowing glances or a handshake with FUCK ME EYES.  He legit met her to prep her for testifying once Proctor was dismissed and the next time they met she was all “I need you.”  WHAT IN THE ENTIRE? No. And I don’t like that milk dude head of his.  I may be more for this if Larenz was in this role instead of the other, but whatevs. In this ep alone, Tasha put Ghost in his fucking place, got to show off her 3LW chops, stood tall in that farce of a tv interview, got a new big rock she can sell when Jamie and Silver both leave her, connected with her daughter and got that pussy dicked out (that is still funny, #RIP CO Darkness).  At the end of the day, she is a girl from the hood, but not totally of it and the person she is with Silver is exactly reflective of the transformation Ghost experienced becoming Jamie.  Them tight assed suits ain’t just fall out the sky. They were always in him.  This lady’s better weave was always in her.  C’mon somebody.  Holla if you hear me.

Last Name Sandoval, First Name No Fux

This muthafucka here!  The walls are closing in on the AUSAs – quickly.  Mak, the only person that wasn’t suspended, is on all of their asses like lil Duval on an unfunny ass joke. He has been keeping close tabs on the entire team, even going so far as to tap phones.  He knows that Saxe met with Beecher.  He knows that Donovan is the one that found the weapon and arrested James.  He knows that Sandoval has time alone in Truth that no one can account for and he tells him as much, cautioning him to not leave town. This last bit is what sends Sandoval over the edge.  After repeated events to get the rest of the feds to focus on the black man, Agent Donovan, Sandoval set out to tie up loose ends on his own.  He goes to Agent Donovan’s apartment with his silenced piece, I guess ready to shoot the man in his own crib WHICH WOULDN’T AROUSE ANY SUSPICION AT ALL, RIGHT? Unfortunately for him, Donovan’s daughter answers the door and lets him know her dad ain’t home.  The man he was attempting to kill is sitting with Angela, discovering that Sandoval went upstairs at Truth – alone.  Shoulda turned off them security cameras a WEE bit earlier, playa.

The Age of Tariq

Literally and figuratively.  My boy and I were talking and he said Tariq is old enough to be able to handle the truth.  Well, I don’t think he is out of elementary school yet, which puts him at no older than 14, but with the things life has been throwing at him lately, he should be mature enough to handle the truth – except those closest to him won’t give it to him.  This boy has been on a hell of a ride lately. Family destroyed. Lied to by nearly everyone. Hooked on drugs.  Father arrested for murder. Learned the truth about Shawn’s death. Manipulated by someone he trusted – and listen, this is a major point – he’s literally been fed the truth about his family by someone who has every right to hate his family. Ghost and Tasha fucked over Kanan.  They are NOT good people.  When he told Tommy it was becoming hard to figure out who was good and bad, that was spot on.  It’s a crushing reality when you find out your parents are people. I think there is a compulsion to look down on him, cuz we all hate him, but most teenagers are nefarious little pieces of shit caught between becoming who they are and still needing you to pay for the cell phone they use to call you and tell you how much they hate you.  The little steps most of us took to push back against our parents didn’t lead to a crazy lesbian holding us hostage with a gun to our heads.  It’s no wonder he wants to assert his independence and numb himself to everything going on around him. And sorry Raina, he aint going to no white ass Choate.

Someone DOES Win When the Family Feuds – Dre

With Julito permanently out the way, Dre is awarded his most coveted distro position over our Latin lover’s decomposing body, but not without a tiny bit of strife. Once Tommy sees his body sans the Toros Locos neck tattoo, he is out for justice.  A deal made between Ghost and the Toros, ensured Julio’s freedom in exchange for some territory.  Since the gang went back on its word, Tommy wants his corners back.  Toros dude cant okay that without talking to the bosses – the Jimenez.  When the stage was first set for them to appear, I was like who the fuck are all these brown people on my damn show?! But I quickly found out.  So did dad, mom and lil baby.  Although brother was the shooter, Lydia seems to be the real force behind the family and the one you DO not fuck with.  Tommy meets with them to discuss his displeasure with Julio’s death and the things he is looking for in return – especially since he disposed of Lobos.  Lydia wants to take some time to think about it. Tommy tells her he hopes she don’t think too long.  Me neither.

Myalogy Minutes

  • “You had one job, Tasha!”  – NIGGA. PLEASE.
  • “I didn’t leave our family, I left you.” – YEAH AND WHAT THAT GET YOU WIT YA SMART ASS MOUTH?!
  • Seeing how ruthless and duplicitous Dre is makes me wonder how Ghost was during his ascendancy to the throne.
  • I love how Saxe started the ep talkin shit to Angie, then had to crawl back to her. Fucka.
  • When Alderman Rashad Tate appeared on my screen, I just <redacted> my <redacted> at all the black man fineosity on my screen.  #swoon
  • Why all them folks talk to Tariq bout his parents, when they should have been directing him TO his parents?
  • I was so happy to see Lydia Jimenez kept the baby! Precious.
  • Tasha is Silver’s first time at a client affair.  Smart choice to pick the wife a murderous drug kingpin.
  • Speaking of Tasha, she was floating on that kiss…’til that ring slapped the dick off her mind.
  • “First you made me a better criminal, Now you make me a better man.”  AWWWWWWWWW. TOO LATE.
  • Excuse me, Ms. Lady Journalist.  Are you finished or are you done giving Jamie a prostate exam?  BACK UP WAY FROM HIM.
  • Why lil baby wasn’t in that family photo? Clearly it was just taken.
  • Proctor is a SUPER wild card.  He has ALOT of evidence on our boys.
  • Tommy and Teresi finally talked!

Whatchall think?


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