Day: August 7, 2017

Insecurities 2.3

Dear Tasha,  I apologize. I still don’t really like you.  And your face still looks like you had some development issues in utero, but I am sorry for looking at you thru main chick eyes instead of just regular ol’ trying-to-make-it-the-best-way-we-know-how woman eyes.  XOXO, M.  With that unpleasantness out the way…. Lawasha And as quick …

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Powerful Thoughts 4.7

Telling y’all right now – you’re gonna be mad at me.  I’m warning you.  I had empathy for Young Riq last night.  Well really Saturday, cuz I’m a nerd with ZERO LIFE who watches at the stroke of midnight.  ANYWAY….. As some of you may know, Executive Producer 50 Cent was miffed at Starz for not seeing …

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