Powerful Thoughts 4.5


COURRRRRRTTTTTNEY!  Ms. Kemp you done did your thing this week.  After a season opening that’s left me kinda unmotivated to write, you kicked a muthafuckas teeth in several times.  I apologize Madame Showcreator, I shalt not underestimate you again!

This one had a lot, Myalogists…..Sex, Murder, Mayhem, Romance for the streets on dat ass….Julio’s fine fine ass.  Sorry boys…..leggo!

The Courtship of Tommy’s Father

It’s all but obvious now.  Teresi’s interest in Tommy led to the probably the second most (R.I.HELL HOLLY) shocking moment in Power history.  Since being cut off from Jamie’s teat last week, the old man done conjured up some muthafuckin SHIT to get his hooks back in our hero.  In a super duper elaborate cross and double cross plan that puts all of Jamie’s plans to collective shame, Teresi puts the cables on CO Darkness and tells him that Jamie and Proctor conspired to get him reassigned.  Wishing for the moment Jamie would, CO Darkness is too happy to receive this news and runs up on Jamie – alone in the weight room.  This fool starts talking cash money shit to Jamie, and references, ahem, “DICKING TASHA’S PUSSY OUT.”  WHAT?! I’ve never heard that phrase in my life.  OOOOOH that tickled me – but it aint tickle Jamie, who start beatin dat ass, eventually picking up a weight and bashing this nigga’s brains, skull, medusa oblongata, Malcolm X glasses, cerebral cortex, thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, cornea, sclera, big white teefus and sinuses in.  (y’all, I kept waiting for that bashing to end with the inevitable, “it was all a dream” moment, but nah.)  Just at that moment Teresi and Black Baldhead Convict™ rush in, in what seems like an ambush on Jamie, but nope!  Teresi turns on BBC™, chokes him the fuck out, makes Jamie trade his blood soaked clothes with the soon to be dead man, and stages a fight/suicide scenario.  Looks like those experimental treatments for Ms. Teresi will continue.  Jamie and Teresi are now linked forever, with Teresi demanding that Jamie give Tommy a cell to contact him with a slight admission that yes…he is Tommy’s dad….or something.

The Stern Empire Strikes Back

Everybody’s most hated smarmy assed nightlife impresario returns.  After being tricked out of three of his clubs by his ex-wife and Jamie, Stern is back, with a sympathetic disposition and a shit load of cash he wants to float the family.  First, he pays an unannounced visit to a visibly stunned Jamie and hits him with the old “hey millionaires always bail each other out” bullshit.  Jamie ain’t going tho – cuz Jamie is speshul, Jamie is important and Jamie is smart – unlike his wife.  Tasha also runs into Simon Stern, as she calls him, and is lured into his siren’s song offer of help.  She takes his card, after reassuring him the family was good, and ends up calling even after she KNOWS Jamie has been freed.  I didn’t get that move at all.  Let ya manse get home and do what he does best – hustle to get your family back on top.  You don’t take the white man’s help Tasha?! Ain’t you seen Claudine?

Sprinting Like You Stole Something

Paz says this to her sister near the top of the show in a conversation that left me feeling very bereft that I can’t speak Spanglish.  Why yes Paz, she did steal something…she stole a man’s freedom! She spends the rest of this episode trying to right that wrong.  First she sets up a meet with Proctor, and has him set up a meet with Jamie.  She shares with Jamie and Silver that the feds are planning to confront him with Tommy’s loan, which they feel is payment for killing Greg, thus allowing them time to prepare a defense and get Jamie’s initials embroidered in his tie.  She tries to share with Sandoval that the security tape proves Jamie’s innocence, but he ain’t hearing it.  He tells her to have a tall glass of shut the fuck up and chill out. Having been burned by not speaking up about the traffic stop, Angie arranges to testify on Jamie’s behalf, accusing the prosecution of misconduct.  She and the feds start turning on each other like two kids whose black ass mama just told them if they don’t fess up both of them getting it.  The judge was SUPER disgusted by all of them and begrudgingly dismissed the charges against Jamie.  I dropped one lone gangsta tear – our man in tight suits is coming home!

Myalogy Minutes:

  • DICK THAT PUSSY OUT.  It bears repeating a second time. #ripcharliemurphy
  • What the fuck is this Tasha/Silver shit?  Please.
  • Tommy got a big old bong, y’all.  I <3 Tommy.
  • “Chicago’s Losing Their Patience.”  “Chicago Needs Answers Soon.”  – Petyr knows our hearts, y’all. He hears our cry.
  • Aint no handshake, bih – Proctor to Angie.
  • Julio – Imma tell y’all one day how my date to the Power Premiere screening started some shit with me cuz he knew…he knew I couldn’t be in the same room with Julio.
  • We may need to start paying attention to episode 5’s.  Holly bit it in ep 3.5
  • Tariq’s grey fit was nice.  See God, I told you I could say something nice about him weekly. 
  • Men’s reactions to their boy children fucking is so different than it would be to their girl children.
  • Nice to see Tommy unburden himself of the Holly sitch.
  • Speaking of which, when “family” is breaking down and confessing, a hug would be nice, Tasha
  • Tommy downed the hell outta that juice.
  • Julio saw Kanan…he better say something to the man that saved his life: Ghost.
  • Dre keeps me confused.  Who he working for?
  • The feds sat there and attacked Angela, but kept her around all this time KNOWING she was a liability.  Fight yaselves, dicks.
  • How the fuck is Kanan walking round partying and shit and ain’t nobody said nothing to Tommy/Ghost? This nigga posed to be dead!
  • Why can’t Tommy float the family money?
  • James St. Patrick in that grey suit made me feel like I felt when I saw Ralph Angel walking down Bourbon. #heyboyhey #girlstrip
  • Jukebox don’t play.
  • Tommy’s coming to the Chi, y’all!

Whatchall think?

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  1. I think SIlver & Stern are in cahoots somehow!

    And ewwww @Tasha & Silver, they “bed” not!

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