Powerful Thoughts 4.1


New Season, Same Lateness.  But I’se here.  Thank God.  I’se HERE!

And so are all your faves, (YAY, Lakesha!) and some of your not so faves (Is Angela not dead yet?)  So for my faithful Myalogists, I was right in my vaguest review ever, which you can read here.  Wasn’t I?  You did want to cuntpunch Angie, didn’t you?  You WERE sad every time you saw Charlie Murphy, even though he was tormenting our hero, weren’t you? Ladies, Tasha did compel you to want to start a Shaunie Account, didn’t she?  I know, I know….let’s get to it though.

Tommy Knows Best

Don’t he though?  Tommy was The Man this episode, which continues to build on the theme that he’s always been the man, that lil Holly sitch notwithstanding.  He holds down Tasha in the face of Ghost’s arrest and Tariq’s fauxduction.  We find out he’s been keeping Keisha safe (in his bed, lol, but nah…they totally gonna fuck, right?).  He’s keeping the business side tight.  He secured a refund from Dean/Milan’s firm for Ghost’s bail.  Most importantly, he lets Dre know he’s watching him.  He knows that “Slim” shit is some bull and he aint having it.

Tasha Madoff

Y’all I’m worried for sis.  I’m worried she’s gonna end up shuffling around her mother’s house in Pine Valley refusing to take collect calls from her incarcerated husband  just like another well-heeled New York woman married to a man whose fall from grace made her fall even further.  To make a long story short, she ain’t got shit.  Once she learns Ghost is in jail – and that shithead son of hers is home safely – she begins a mad scramble to dig up bail money.  First stop is the bank to hit up the safe deposit box.  She found a letter, and open and it said she was a sucka.  Ok, ok.  But there WAS a letter, and it said you need to watch your front and your back.  Or that was the gist of it.  It was a letter from her doting husband, short and sweet – he’s sorry and he will put it back.  All the money was gone.  Burn.  She then tried to liquidate a trust, but the penalty would have been too high.  Resigned she opens Ghost’s overnight bag and finds the necklace Angie returned to him.  She later finds out from Jamie the necklace wouldn’t have been enough to make a dent in the 2 million Jamie (thinks he) needs to walk.  The look of defeat on her face is heartbreaking when she returns home to begin to straighten out her lavish home destroyed by fed agents led by Angie.

5th Graders, Are You Smarter Than An ADA?

This bitch.  Now, Ill allow for the fact that you honestly believe the man you love(d) is responsible for killing another man you love(d), but GAT DAMN.  How damn dumb are you Angie?  You are a woman that is habitually played by EVERY.SINGLE.MAN you encounter.  Shit you play yourself!  How has it not dawned on you that you need to be as far away from this case as you can possibly get.  The victim was your man.  The suspect was your man.  You found the evidence that led to his arrest. You stormed this man’s house and definitely deserved that ass whupping Keisha offered to levy on dat ass.  QUESTION:  did you really open your mouth to ask this woman where her husband was sleeping?  IN DEY HOUSE?  Then, you had the unmitigated gall to think you should lead the prosecution.  You are the very definition of poisonous fruit.  BITCH. PLEASE.

Every Guard is Crazy Bout An Orange Dressed Man

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Although he is no longer my fave, I hate to see Jamie in this mess.  As a person who has spent time in the penal system, I can honestly say that shit is no joke.  The sense of helplessness, the unending questions, the inability to see how it will all play out – those were the worst 37 hours of my life.  Fuck y’all’s judgment!!! 37 hours is an extreme amount of time.  But I’m sure it’s an even longer time for a man that is in lockup accused of killing a federal agent.  CO Darkness is not here for it.  Slapping trays out our man’s hands.  Talking shit to him.  And finally, once Jamie’s bail is denied AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, and he accepts his fate that he’s gonna be there for a while, Darkness and a pal show him whose house he is now living in.  The show ends with Jamie’s brutal beat down.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Snaps for the director of this ep.  There were some really creative shots.  That zoom around when Angie and the Feds first enter Tasha’s house was my fave.
  • Can someone explain Dre’s plan to me?  What’s his end game in working for both Ghost and Kanan?  Why is he paying $50k to keep Tariq safe?  I don’t get it.  I don’t get any of it.
  • Speaking of Dre, why this fool think he got the ups on fine ass Julio in the organization?  That’s some Cam’ron Rocafella VP level arrogance right there.
  • How did Angie get Jamie’s prints if he’s never been to jail?
  • I love Tasha and Tommy’s interactions
  • “St. Patrick!  Night Night” – that shit made me laugh.  Black Ass with all them big white teefus #RIPCHARLIE
  • Angie:  He was sleeping in here?  Tasha: Yeah, I was scared he was gonna transfer bed bugs from your place. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TASHA.
  • “You were fucking the defendant and the victim.  I think that’s a little bit compromised.”  Agent Saxe continues to be that dude.
  • Every time Dre is on the screen, my girl said “That nigga gone die.”  Yall see him surviving the season?


Whatchall think?



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  1. Mya you have yet to disappoint!! ?? Nah I don’t see Dre making pass this season if Tommy has anything to do with it or “Slim” for that matter!
    ‘Unmitigated gall’ you just have a way with words!!?????? can’t wait til next week!

  2. Love your reviews. Ghost prints are in the system due to his drunk driving arrest. Tasha and Angie both showed up at the station to get him out.

    1. NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      thank you for solving that mystery!

      and thanks for the love!

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