Powerful Thoughts 4.2

Mea Culpa, Myalogists, the re-entry of summer and daydrinking  familial obligations is standing between us and greatness when it comes to timeliness on this here blog.  Now that we’ve gotten past the 4th falling in the middle of the week, sobriety normalcy shall ensue.  With my weak ass reasoning out the way, let’s get to it.

Prison Blues                     

Our hero fuckT yall.  But somehow his face isn’t after catching that fade from CO Darkness. Interesting.  He’s limpin, pissin blood and on the advice of his attorney, making calls to his Jamie St. Patrick Sect to make sure all his legitimate businesses are intact.  Also on the call list is Tasha, who he asks to visit him with his kids in tow.  Tasha agrees and talks to the kids about the importance of not saying nor doing anything dumb such as calling their dad Ghost.  Soon as she said that we all just KNEW that lil fuck Tariq was gonna do it, didn’t we?  Well the jokes on us kids! Tariq stood tall, kept his bitchassness in check and promised his dad he would be the man of the house and take care of his family, which includes lil baby who came down from the attic with Judy Winslow to visit her dad!  This whole conversation, or really Jamie’s whole prison experience has been happening under the watchful eye of not only the COs, but Inmate Nick Nolte, who had a scene with a dying wife, for some reason.  He keeps eyeing Jamie with a detached curiosity that half way thru the show, I was hoping we would get some clarity on, but alas kids…it was not to be.  Guess we will find out.  Soon after Proctor shows and tells Jamie they have his prints, deoxyribonucleic acid under Dead Agents nails and….and….and……lawd, and…..the feds are seeking the death penalty – a fate even worse than the inmate who found him pretty was trying to visit upon him.  When he find this out, he hits up his brother and says to him the same thing that Tommy says when he killed Holly: “help me.”  Sad face.

Dre is the Man with a Plan

Now that Planmaster J is locked up for the foreseeable future, Dre is the man with the plan.  A plan to talk to Karen EVERYDAY  to ingratiate himself to her case this whole nightclub impresario thing doesn’t work out.  A plan that includes robbing truth to pay to keep Tariq safe.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW we know how he’s gonna get #teamkanan their vim.  Nice.  Telling his mother and Tommy what’s going on could end all of this, but hey, it’s a TV show assholes, lighten up!

Free as Hell if the Feds Watching

Jamie’s gonna be free, not only cuz he’s the star of the show, but because this is the dumbest fed team EVER.  Agent Kim Tall Un is obsessed with beating Proctor, with whom he has a rivalry.  This will inevitably cause him to cut some corners he shouldn’t. Sandoval done ran up in Truth and planted the murder weapon in Jamie’s office, which is POSED TO BE on a different security circuit – the same one that allowed Jamie to see old boy creepin in his office. And last but not least these fucks are still letting Angela hang around.  She, who was sleeping with the victim and the accused, who found the prints, who arrested Jamie, who led the search on his crib, who is totally devastated that Jamie is looking at the death penalty.  Girl, aint enough wine glasses in the world to break to make up for what you did to this man, or should I say what his dick did to himself. But you know what Angela does have?  Super hearing, which allows her to hear thru a 25 inch glass door how her male associates are discussing the looseness of her walls.  What the Feds are smart enough to do is put a tail on Tommy who they wanna position as Ghost in an effort to not expose themselves and by extension, Angela.  What they are not smart enough to do is size up Tommy, who ditches his whip and gets a new car.  Tail who?

Myalogy Minutes

  • Speaking of Kesh, she shole was talking to Tasha more like an enemy that needed to be kept close instead of a friend.
  • Disturbing to see Charlie Murphy talk about dying. #rip
  • That Angie vs. Tasha scene was garbage.
  • Let me find out Inmate Nolte is Tommy’s dad.
  • Between JayZ and JamG, I hope you niggas realizing the importance of not straying.
  • Shit happened with the drug game, but it was kinda meh.  Tommy ran over a nigga tho.  #boyfriend
  • Baby Seal Eyes, Tommy?  What’s that?  Did I have them when I was a baby?  (you gotta know me to get that one!)
  • Why is Tasha still letting Tariq out the house without at the VERY LEAST activating “find my iPhone” on his ass?
  • So many props to Kesh for not only remembering but calling that muthafucka Tommy out bout letting his ol hoe come up in the St. Patrick Home and steal from Tasha.

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