Powerful Thoughts 4.3

Three eps in and I think a clearer picture is starting to form. We got a number of questions answered and I learned why I should stop <redacting> during the show as I be NOT understanding some things….so this recap will have a correction or two, specifically as to what Dre is doing at Truth.

When it Raina’s, it Pours

Yall, our poor baby girl was going THRU it this ep.  For a character I’ve never spent much time worrying about, cept for her getting that singing gig in Annie over that other kid cuz bruh she really tugged at my heartstrings.  First she finds out about her father’s possible death by lethal injection.  Then New Kids on the Block runs up on her.  She’s worrying to death about her brother, who is a dick. Then she gets photo’d having an understandable breakdown. Face splashed all over the papers – for which she blames herself. Then, and always, her brother’s a dick.  I know I just said that, but it bears repeating cuz her brother is a dick.

Invasion of the Fed Snatchers

Man, them muthafuckas came thru and grabbed everybody.   Julio – snatched.  Dre – snatched.  Lakeisha – snatched.  The feds questioned the boys bout their ties to Jamie and Jamie’s ties to Tommy and the dope game.  But Angela had different plans for Keisha (or Kesh, how yall wanna spell it?).  This bitch wanna sit up and ask questions about Tasha and Jamie.  When they fuck?  How often they fuck?  What positions they fuck in?  Where they fuck?  Who be there when they fuck?  MA’AM, have a cold glass of water or hit the <redacted> and chill the hell out.  Sounding all jealous and shit – ‘cept she wasn’t.  Angela was asking all these personal questions about the St. Patrick’s because she wants to prove they weren’t living as man and wife, which would prevent Tasha from citing spousal privilege.  Not only content to break up this family, snatch Jamie’s freedom, torment his children, this bitch NOW is putting the pieces in place to put Tasha away as well.

Terry Silver Cochran Esq.

I do not like this niglet.  Proctor has brought on a highly successful black attorney with a rep for winning the unwinnable.  He should also have a rep as being an insufferable asshole cuz, ugh. He questions Proctor’s loyalty to our boys.  He lets Proctor know that he doesn’t believe Jamie’s innocence. He lets Jamie know knows what kind of man he is and levies all sorts of insults towards him, which left me gob smacked, cuz nigga, this nigga is PAYING YOU.  YOU WORK FOR HIM.  Stand down – then SAT DOWN in that 2nd chair.  He does earn a large amount of grace tho, when he finds the camera footage of Greg’s unauthorized and unlogged pulling over of Jamie, which we now know is how Greg got Jamie’s DNA under his fingernails.  Due to the fact that Jamie told Angie about the traffic stop who told Kim Tall Un, who decided NOT to even seek out the evidence, the DNA evidence is thrown out and we are one step closer to seeing our boy back in his tight suits.

Inmate Nolte

So nooooooooooooooooooow, we know who old boy is.  A Whitey Bulger type mobster sans the whole snitching thing.  Teresi is his actual name that I will never use again and he done conducted some intel on Jamie and knows that he is Ghost.  He ends up calling Jamie “Ghost” and says he’s gonna out him if Jamie doesn’t give $20k a week, which will go to fund his wife’s experimental cancer treatments.  I’m still not convinced he’s not related to Tommy in some way.

Drug Game

Meh.  Is anyone else not caring about any of this?  Biggest shipment in life coming. Julios a lil weird.  Drugs still being sold in Truth. Fin.

Myalogy Minutes

  • I’m loving the fuck out of whoever is directing these new episodes.  The cinematography and the shot selection is off the chain.
  • Saxe:  I’m gonna fuck off.  Judge: Yeah, fuck right off.
  • Speaking of the judge, I pray none of us will ever be before one, but if we are, I hope we are in front of a judge like this.
  • Beecher’s new post-Oz bob hairstyle is not my ministry, but he’s my dude cuz his investigation into the real Fed mole is gonna help clear Jamie.
  • Speaking of Beecher, what’s up with that Sandoval comma Miguel file with a pic that is not of Sandoval comma Miguel?
  • Why does Sandoval look so regretful whenever someone discusses the type of man who would kill a Fed.  You don’t feel bad, fucka.
  • Kantos wants immunity.  HA!
  • I liked Tommy’s heart to heart with dickhead and how he agreed Ghost does lie a lot and he doesn’t trust him all the time.
  • Saxe called him Julio “Jew-lio.”  Saxe is a treasure.
  • TOMMY’s COATS!  Puts  Owhatshername Pope’s to shame.
  • It’s Chinese ARITHMETIC, Tommy, not Algebra.
  • “We both know when you want something, your family doesn’t matter.” BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN.
  • I find it interesting how both Jamie and Angie both said they wouldn’t confess to something they didn’t do.  There is a lot of mirrored dialogue in this show.
  • “Julio was in with the feds longer than me!”  Shaddup, beeyotch.
  • Riq Love:  I know, how?  But I loved him standing up for his sister and that he has Kanan robbing New Kid on the Block’s crib.

CORRECTION:  So I thought Dre was scamming bottles in an effort to get that money for the Kanan crew.  I was corrected and told that he’s scamming bottles to cover the drug profits which makes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more sense.  Thanks Edie.

Whatchall think?

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