Powerful Thoughts 4.0


I’ve been quite neglectful of this space for a momentito.  Trying to get some ducks in a row; make a dollar out of fifteen cents; find an exit route from indenture servitude, and get a window seat, cuz adulting has been too real lately.   So real that when the homey Micaeh hit me up and asked me to attend a screening of the season premier of Power, I RSVP’d before she could send the next invite out.  Adulting threatened my being able to attend, which pissed me the hell off, but a hail mary gave me a last minute save and I was able to make it.

So welcome Myalogists, to the most vague Powerful Thoughts you will ever read.  I will not spoil this for you because some of you know where I live and or work and I dont wanna have to kill any of you in self defense over a fucking tv show.

I felt it was a really good solid premiere.  Probably a 9 out of 10.  The show we love is still in formation.  It picks up exactly where it left off. You will not find yourself sitting there asking “what happened to blank?” nor “who’s doing the thing that they was doing last season?” Which means:

Ghost is in jail.

Angela is still an insufferable bitch.

Tariq is still missing.

Tommy’s still cool as fuck.

Julio is still fine.

Tasha’s wig budget has not increased.

<redacted> is <redacted> and is probably gonna <redacted> with <redacted> and I was very happy bout that.

What I will say is this:

You will want to cuntpunch Angela.

You will be sad everytime you see CharlieMurphy on the screen.

You will want to hug Tommy.

You will want to laugh at Ghost til you remember that you used to love him before he had a fucking plan every five minutes.

Tasha will make you want to get all of your financial affairs in order even if your mate got that bag.

You will wonder why Angie aint on the show.  If you dont know who Angie is, your mother watched CBS soap operas and didn’t love herself.

Thats all Im gonna say for now.  Ill be back with the recaps after the episode airs.

Til then…..



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