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Just Like What? 2.1

Welcome to Just Like What? THEE definitive And Just Like That Recap….Imma just write this as it goes as I dont know if I wanna commit my wit to this show, but….nostalgia. We open the show with everyone coming out to their men…and their Che…sigh…except Professor Braids.  She’s coming out to my favorite sneaky link, …

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Snowflakes 6.9

Yall know im all types of assholes for this late ass recap…but i got married and then got my heart broken when my boy turned into, well, it still hurts to say. So Im posting this, and 8 and the finale this week….in the interim im serious about them shirts…how much would you pay for …

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Snowflakes 6.7

Dear Snowfall Writers room, thank you for taking your foot off the pedal this week so that we could all send Unc home in peace without spending the whole episode with clenched cheeks. Cuz didnt we need that after last week? I know I surely did. Now come, Myalogists and pull up a seat tween …

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