Ain’t she a woman? No. But She Plays One on TV and Twitter.

One of my best friends in the world, Gee,  is an incredibly brilliant, resilient, worldly man, wise and valuable to me beyond measure – and he and I agree on absolutely nothing.  I mean nothing. He probably wouldn’t even agree with that description of him I just wrote.  Conversely,  if he says up, I’m gonna fucking say down with all the great vengence and furious anger of Jules Winnfield.

Today’s impasse came courtesy of Ms. Mo’ne Davis, WHO I WROTE ABOUT IN MY LAST BLOG YOU DID NOT READ.  In my LAST BLOG POST YOU DID NOT READ NOR COMMENT ON, NOR SHARE, NOR LIKE ON FUCKING FACEBOOK FOR CHRISSAKES IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE FUCKAS. YALL SWEAR I NEED MY OWN SHOW OR SHOULD WRITE A FUCKING BOOK BUT WONT EVEN SHARE THE FUCKING POST I TAKE THE TIME TO SHARE WITH YOU FUCKING LIARS!!!!  Ahem, in my last post I wrote about all the moves this phenomenal young lady is making.   Making history, writing books, film consultation, design and philanthropy, just to name a few of her, what Nene would call ACK-YOU-LAIDS.  Since I wrote that article, a person I will only refer to henceforth as Fuck Tard took  to his twitter to call her something you don’t call a 13 year old girl even if she is acting like one.  A 13 year old is a child.  Even a black 13 year old.  I’m not gonna repeat that shit and I’m happy to report that a number of the media outlets I enjoy didn’t report it either, so if you wanna know what it is, you gonna have to look it up yourself.   Only thing that moved swifter than Mr. Tard removing his tweet was his school’s president removing his dumb ass from his collegiate baseball team.   Instead of Fuck having to go on an “I’m Sorry If” tour, the media sought out our baby for a response – Our 13 year old baby.  At 13 I was asking God if he was there, and figuring out a way to “must increase my bust” (hey judy), instead of commenting on national affairs and social issues.   But, whatevs, the media called and she answered.

Because she is the class act and the role model that many of our male black athletes feel they don’t have to be, she took the high road – cuz what other road would she take?  She forgave him for his actions and said everyone makes mistakes. Cool.  Good answer, lil mama.  She then went on to say SHE felt bad that HE got dismissed and she wrote the school to ask that he be reinstated.  *cue the bride music*

That last bit pissed me the fuck off.  This reeks of extending a hand in love – sideeye.  Of forgiving your rapist because he’s not strong enough to control his impulses.  Of forgiving your child’s murderer because he was just doing his duty protecting his neighborhood.  And I don’t like the smell of that shit. However, I have a tendency to overreact to things and because I know he is often on the other side of the spectrum, I hit up Gee and asked what he thought of that, already knowing what he thought.  He didn’t disappoint. He said all the shit we all know.  She’s perfect. Birthed from babies breath and angel tears. Class Act. Mature beyond her years.  I then asked if she should have asked that Tard be re-instated.  He said yes, again, because 1. it would never happen and 2. brilliant pr – it makes Fuck look a million times worse than he looked on his own.  Cool.  While I don’t agree, I don’t disagree.  We ended the convo with him telling me I was Malcolm.  Fine…good night Martin.

This morning I awoke to read that Damon over at Very Smart Brothers shared my view.  I tagged Gee in the post.  Reliably he found fault with it and challenged me.

“No excuse for what that dude said!! It’s sad and gross to say the least. Here’s my question though. On TV, how are Black women portrayed? Name 5 of the Top shows with black women leading. What are they doing? Let that sink in.”

I love my friend.  Honestly.  But I wanna implore him and everyone else to kill the black woman on television narrative.

Ask me to talk about Shonda Rhimes, not Olivia Pope.  Ask me to talk about Tamron Hall, not Mary Jane. Ask me to talk about Cathy Hughes, not Cookie.  Ask me to talk about Loretta Lynch, not Annalise.  Ask me to talk about Michelle Obama and not ‘Bow.

See Mo’ne is a real little girl.  A real live living person like Shonda, Tamron, Cathy, Loretta and Michelle. People that go out in the world everyday as a black woman which Mo’ne has been forced to do to early. Women who I talk to my nieces and lil cuzzins about. Those other people are just characters, more prevalent possibly because they are fed into our homes, but imaginary none the less. But since I’ve been tasked and I am the Playa President of The Mya Seals debate team, who am I not to follow thru?

1. Olivia Pope.  A prominent D.C. Fixer.  Got a man elected president.  Handles problems.  Runs shit.

Sin?  Sleeping with a man that didn’t belong to her.

2.  Annalise Keating.  Highly sought after defense attorney.  Much lauded law professor.  Mastermind.

Sin?  Sleeping with a man – she couldn’t trust.

3.  Mary Jane.  Host and Producer of her own cable news show – a cable news show she just insisted be devoted to issues affecting black America and black women in particular.  Devoted daughter.  Go-getta.

Sin?  Sleeping with some men.

4.  Cookie Lyon.  Brilliant record company exec.  Mother.  Wounded, betrayed animal.

Sin? Honestly, alot, but chief amongst them?  Sleeping with a man that got her sent to prison.

5.  Rainbow “Bow” Johnson.  Anesthesiologist.  Doting mother.  Wife – the proverbial rib.

Sin?  Being on a show too positive for most of you to watch.

So, Gee….these women that you have a problem with, the ones that are so negative, turns out their problem is the men in their lives – which makes them more real than I thought when I started this rant.

You win.



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