The Week You Missed

I open with an homage to one of my favorite shows, Shameless…..

While you were busy extending your hand in love and getting ya bracket busted, here’s what you missed.

Stephen A. Smith (R-ESPN) wants your vote.

Mr. Smith had a dream.  He dreamed that for one, JUST ONE, election his fellow black people would break the chains of slavery and mental oppression and vote republican.  I know…I know, what you are thinking.  How the Republican Party has shown nothing but contempt and treasonous behavior for our beloved messiah.  How the Republican Party has shown ZERO interest in courting us, never buys us flowers, never uses Vaseline.  Won’t even spit on it first.  Obliterates budgets and programs aimed at helping us pick ourselves up by our bootstraps. How they write “secret” racist emails about us, and about our first family.  How inclusive they are of blatantly racists groups and fundraisers.  But…Mr. Smith feels like we are disenfranchising ourselves by literally telling them with our long-standing democratic support that we don’t give a damn about the Republican Party.  I get what he is saying. I really do.  Neither party at the end of the day gives a fuck about our plight; the Democratic Party doesn’t, because like he said, they got us.  We are their long-suffering side chick.  No one goes the extra mile for their side chick, until that bitch pulls up stakes and leaves.  But much like Karrueche, where are we going? To the party that gave us Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and Stacey Dash?  We ain’t that damn Clueless.  (RIMSHOT!)

Like our lives, our schools matter too.

While the relevancy of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) is often discussed amongst us, a predominantly black community college in Chicago is making waves on the national front.  Kennedy-King College (KKC), a school in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, has just been awarded the “New Rising Star Institution Award” from the Aspen Institute.  The institute, an educational and policy studies organization whose mission is to foster leadership based on enduring values and the discussion of critical issues, bestowed the honor on KKC after the school increased its graduation rate by 50% in just five years – more than tripling its rate in 2010.  The Vice President of Aspen’s College Excellence division said he has NEVER seen this type of rapid improvement.  Kennedy King will take home $100,000 to support its various educational programs.  Congrats, my young gifted and black grads!

Empires Build Power.

I would cut FIF a check for that witty inspiration, but he a B.A.N.(use your vowels), and I don’t like his ass.  Yep!  The Empire broke the internet this week.  Literally, it broke Twitter.  Yasssssssssss, negative stereotypes.  Yassssssssssssss, dysfunction.  Yasssssssssssssssssssss, ugh boys kissing boys.  Pffffft…..It’s just no winning with some of yall.  Five years ago, there were literally NO shows on primetime network television with black leads.  Now there are.  The naysayers are the same ones that would have petitioned to get Amos n’ Andy off the air and perhaps rightfully so.  But Amos n’Andy begat I Spy and Julia.  And they begat successful entrepreneur George with his deeeeluxe apartment in the sky he shared with his beautiful, regal dark skinned wife. And they begat the good doctor, his savvy attorney mate and their educated brood. And they begat the Queen and her roommates and Yoba’s ashy lips. I’m not suggesting Empire is perfect, I’m just saying; sit on it for a moment.  Mary Jane, Olivia, Annalise and Cookie are proving to the world and more importantly the advertising community that we can carry a show and a MUTHAFUCKIN network.  I imagine more stories are coming down the pike.  And if you don’t like the ones that are currently on, THEN WRITE ONE.

Throw It Like Davis

That lil green eyed bandit that stole ALL of our hearts during the Little League World Series is out here doing her THANG.  Ms. Mo’ne, the first young woman to throw a shutout in little league world series history; the first little leaguer to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, is OUTCHERE doing big thangs.  Next on deck for our baby, after publishing her book, “Remember by Name“, is her own movie!  Yasssssssssssssssssssssss.  “Throw Like Mo” on which she will serve as a consultant, is a film about her life set to air on the Disney Channel.  Ms. Davis, whose external beauty is, clearly only rivaled by her internal beauty, is also designing her own shoe line, which will benefit underprivileged girls. She is producing the line with M4D3 (Make a Difference Everyday) and a portion of the sales will go towards Because I Am A Girl, a program that combats child poverty and promotes gender equality globally.  This girl makes my fucking ovaries cry.  Check her dope ass kicks out here.

Aiight…I’m out.  Pay closer attention to what’s going on out here, so I don’t have to keep telling yall’s asses.

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