Passa Scott & the 3 Lil Top Gang Thugs

Hello to you on this first day of Black History Month and the early days of the Apocalypse.  Last evening, I sat down to write a love letter to Oprah, and her impact on my young black life, which I intended to finish and publish this morning, until 9:45am.  What happened at 9:45 ante meridian, you ask?  Good Question, Myalogists.

Porangetus Donald Trump held a Black History Month Meeting with all of his colore-, I mean coo-, I mean darki-, I mean black supporters.  MAN O MAN, did it not disappoint.  With his Negro Bed Wench ‘Rosa by his side, Porangetus basked in the darkness of all HIS people, tho Diamond and Silk were conspicuously absent.  They were likely greasing the scalp of the newly revived Frederick Douglass, as he sat on the east lawn pondering exactly what was the hair-like substance atop the heads of the young gals servicing him.  And why they were so loud.  I digress, Trump was up there just a smiling and laughing with his supporters, who proudly rattled off their names and titles.  It was miraculously barftastic.

Then it came yall.  IT CAME.  The moment where my mouth literally dropped open.

With the biggest shit eating grin,  Darrell Scott, pastor of New Spirit Revival Center and BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER, introduced himself to as much thunderous applause as 20 self hating negroes can muster.  Yall know Passa Scott.  He is the negro that got up at the RNC and proved he is 1. a staunch supporter of #alternativefacts and 2. an utter disgrace to his race.  His comments this morning at the Black History Month “little breakfast, little get together”  showed that he has no current plans to stop being either of those things.

Apparently Passa Scott who resides in Ohio,  was alternafactually contacted by “some of the top gang thugs in Chicago, for a sit down.” The rest you must see for yourself.


I have questions.

First, have you ever heard such fuckshitery?

Who hit you up, Darrell?  Mad Dog?  Huggy Bear?  Ozone?  Stone?  Robert? Chi-raq?  Cyclops? Tell us.

You say they reached out to you, because they are apparently so concerned about all of the crime committed by themselves and their friends,  that they want to have a sit down WITH YOU to talk about lowering it.  Can’t they just do that on their own without talking to you?

If they agree to lower the body count, then Porangetus will send in additional resources in the form of social programs? WAIT.  Did you just tell us that we have to help ourselves before anyone else will help us?

“Couple weeks” you will be here in Chicago for the parlay (use that term, when you talk to them, it will solidify your downness.)  Isn’t the carnage dire enough for you to come now instead of meeting with Porangetus?

They wanna work with him.  They believe in him.  They didn’t believe in Barack.   You know what the lie detector determined about those three statements right?


Updated:  Apparently DOCTOR Scott was a lil loopy from a lack of sleep.  He told a local Chicago news outlet that a lack of sleep caused him to tell President Trump that Chicago gangs had offered to “lower the body count.” He said he actually spoke to one former gang member, and not to any gang leaders.

ONE Former.



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