MyMedialogy: Work, Black Women!

Ooooh y’all.  They tried it.  Twice in one day and then once on the next.  I mean they try it every single day, but since Porangetus took office, seems like they are more emboldened than before.  They try it in meetings.  They try it when you show up with a new hairstyle. They try it when you come with a great idea they want credit for.  They try it when they walk in your business and ask if they can speak to the owner instead of asking if you ARE the owner.

Bill tried Auntie Maxine….but all the kids know that next to spellchecking someone in a text battle, coming for their physicality is the laziest of reads.

Lil Shawn Spicer, the mad press secretary, tried April, but she was there to do work and paid his ass the appropriate amount of dust. I guess she knows like we do…she was there way before him and she will be in that room way after him.

What I didn’t get to address in this weeks commentary, was how the one-term congressman dead beat dad Joe Walsh tried to try Angela Rye, Barack Obama, and ever other hard working black person in history who has done more with less and to make less than his MAGA ass ever has. Maybe, Ill fit that in in a future rant….




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