Myalogy Media: On Michelle, Girl of the South Side

Last week, I made a cryptic Facebook post about being at my alma mater, WHITNEY MOORE YOUNG JUNIOR MAGNET HIGH SCHOOL, bold, all caps. What I didn’t say is WHY is why I was there.  On this day, January 17th, the day the universe gave us Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama,  I’m proud to announce I was there to be interviewed by Natalie Yvonne Moore and WBEZ, as a fellow WY alumna and the legacy of the flyest FLOTUS ever.

I was joined by other grads and current students in a roundtable discussion that ran the gamut from her strength, her style, her parenting, her marriage, her career, her public person, her prominence…and that beauty and  that BAWDY.

You can listen to it here.  Play the Morning Shift show and enjoy.

One of the hardest questions we were asked, was our favorite Michelle moment.  This was mine.

What was yours?  Hit them comments.

Happy Birthday Michelle – thank you for being the example, the standard.

We love you and you will always be our first lady.

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