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Myalogy Media: Michael Eric Dyson

Myalogy Media: Michael Eric Dyson

Hey Guys, yesterday I got a chance to sit down with one of America’s pre-eminent scholars, the Good Reverend Doctor Michael Eric Dyson. We talked bout: his utter dismay at the election of Porangetus Crime in Chicago If BARACKO did enough for black folks Hamilton 

Myalogy Media: On Michelle, Girl of the South Side

Myalogy Media: On Michelle, Girl of the South Side

Last week, I made a cryptic Facebook post about being at my alma mater, WHITNEY MOORE YOUNG JUNIOR MAGNET HIGH SCHOOL, bold, all caps. What I didn’t say is WHY is why I was there.  On this day, January 17th, the day the universe gave 

MyMedialogy : Presidential Race to the End of My Nerves

MyMedialogy : Presidential Race to the End of My Nerves


Once a upon a time, a well respected program director at a beloved Chicago radio station reached out to a hyper opinionated blogger/writer/shittalker/rihannabiggieamylover/facebookaddict, and asked if she would like to share her thoughts on his station.

“Thoughts?” she wondered.  “Thoughts on what?” she asked aloud.

“Anything you want,” he responded.

She sat back and thought about it.

Nope can’t talk about that, mama’s gonna listen.  Nope can’t talk about that, that happened two weeks ago.  Nope can’t talk about that, cuz you do want them to invite you back.

Sad and uninspired, our fearless blogger sat back, <redacted>, stared dead-eyed and slack jawed at the beauty outside her window, and shouted “Eureka!” to her plant, aptly named “Junior Walter.” Nonplussed, and unable to process nor return human thoughts, speech or fux, Junior Walter just sat there.

Slowly the most sly of grins emerged on the lips that birthed some of the most foul mouthed words the world had ever heard.

The rest, kids?  Well, click below to judge for yourself.


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