Are you there Tamron? Its Me, Mya.  How you let dis happen?

Yesterday – August 3rd.  In the year of all our lords.  Two Thousand and Sixteen years after the alleged birth of Christ, something so nefarious happened it moved my soul to write.

The former rating behemoth, The Today Show showed why Good Morning America reg-lah-lee whups that trick.  The hiring of my imaginary BFF Tamron and the decision to let Hoda and Kathie Lee get blasted that last hour notwithstanding, its kinda a shit show.  And Im not just saying that because someone near and dear to me works at GMA.  Want proof?  Say no more.

Someone over there, a segment producer that should be out of work today, booked an alleged style expert, one Deepica Mutyala, to do one minute hair styles for summer.

What I am about to show you shook me to my core.  If you are sensitive to offensive images, have a light stomach, have an aversion to Columbusing, or are just sick and tired of being sick and tired about others having a hand in our literal heads, then leave now, cuz when you get ill, you will not sue me.

This lovely beautiful bright eyed black woman walked into The Today Show looking like this:

before hair


and left looking like this:




Watch this assault go down here.  Pay especially close attention to the part at the end when Savannah tells the model that “it helps to be gorgeous.”

No Savannah.  No. It doesn’t help at all.

If y’all know anyone at the Today Show that can get me paid to come on to talk about life as a rich white woman or an eyewitness to the Kennedy assassination, let me know.


Here is the young models response:

Malyia McNaughton: “Hi everyone! I’m the black model from the Today shows summer hairstyles segment. Deepica practiced several times on my hair with the style and I loved it. As most of you may be aware natural hair reacts to the environment and without being allowed tools or products the final result didn’t turn out like the way we intended. I say all that to say I was honored when asked to be a model. And even more grateful to be a visual representation for women that look like me. I am thankful to Deepica and the producers for including diversity in the segment. I would not hesitate to be on another show or segment including hair. This was a dream come true to be on national TV for the first time. Deepica is a sweetheart and I look forward to working with her again. Sending good vibes.”


This is how this girl walks around everyday:

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:



Exhibit C – infinity:


LOOK!  Curls that dont look like they have been thru a weed whacker!


And im posed to think she was okay with what happened to her?

Some women love protecting their abusers.

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