Irate Woman’s Note: Rant forthcoming – not edited for clarity.

I’m not really a fan.  Let’s get that out the way.  My disdain for you is kinda irrational and I cant really explain it, but it’s there.  Probably has tons to do with some personal choices you’ve made, which aint my business, and how your thoughts about women in general have been interpreted, which is. You’ve had moments tho.  I liked the Steven Harvey Show.  You were one of the best parts of The Kings of Comedy – Boogie and his coat and Sister Odell are canon to me. Family Feud is some funny shit.  But, I’m not here to fellate you this morning.  I’m here to recap a feeling you gave me this morning and get my weight up on this blog.

This morning I was sitting in my car listening to your radio show, which I never do. Not because you aren’t entertaining, but because I’m never in my car in the morning.  There was a segment on the “best gift you ever gave”.  A solemn sounding young lady called in and after assaulting her with your non melodious voice and telling a story about a girl that dissed you with a similar name and seven hours passed, you got around to asking her what was the best gift she ever gave. She answered, so sadly, “forgiveness.”  She told how she didn’t think the person deserved it and how they may have only looked at it as a pass for their bad behavior. It broke my heart.  See, currently, I am struggling with setting pain free and forgiving someone I have NO reason to forgive, so when you sat there and gave her great advice, given to you by TD Jakes – it touched me.  The advice we’ve all heard before, but sometimes its about WHEN you receive the message and not how or from whom you receive it.  I was legitimately sitting there with tears about to streak down my face, wondering why God would use YOU, a person it is widely known I do not like, to part the clouds for me, when just like that, all the good will you had JUST garnered dissipated like the hopes and dreams of EARF on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  One of them co-host howler monkeys – snaps for Sophia Petrillo – shouted out from the cheap seats:

“what did HE do”

to which you answered, when nobody asked you shit:

“he cheated on her real bad”

to which the caller countered

“she is a he, and she is my mother”

I exited my car at that point before I drove it into a brick wall.

Mr. Harvey, listen to me and listen to me GOOD, gather all your penis possessin’ brethren, start a group text with all the men all us pitiful single black women should be thinking like and tell them this for me:


Continued Blessings and Clarity of Thought in the New Year,

Mya Courtney Seals

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