Powerful Thoughts 3.7


DON’T GO, Myalogists!  Im a a day late and many hundreds of millions of dollars short, but I’se here!


Courtieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I’m not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe, Courtieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We all  knew these fools being back in bed together was a dream, right Guys?  If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be reading this, because I would have drank some bleach, effectively ending my life and this blog.  Lets get these losers out the way.  They ain’t together, yet they both truly yearn to be back together – as evidenced by their boundary issues.  Just like any entitled negro, Jamie just walks his rusty black ass up in Angie’s apartment to get his spare murder suit, his beats earbuds and his uno cards – unannounced and using the keys he should have left when he walked out on her.  Paz rectified that matter tho.  Holla at my sister again, Imma kill your ass, oh, and run them keys playboy.  As for Angie and her habitual line crossing, she showed up at Tasha’s house AGAIN (more on that later) making threats, and then later just barged up in Jamie’s hotel room in her ultra skinny jeans, making demands.  Tell me you are Ghost.  Tell me you killed Lobos.  Tell me how you did it.  Tell me it was Ms. Scarlet in the Conservatory with the candlestick.  Ma’am.  If you think this negro never loved you as you stated, why you think he gonna help you?  I mean we all know his puss ass gonna bail you out, but why do you think he is gonna do anything for you?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

It shole aint Sidney Poitier.  Milan aint playing no games.  Where Lobos had me laughing, Milan has my sphincter tighter than the girdle on a baptist minister’s wife at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. (shouts out to Blanche Elizabeth Hollingsworth Devereaux).  I am scared of this dude.  Im scared for Jamie bout this dude.  Im not scared for Tommy, cuz he dont give a fuck bout living anyway. He wakes Jamie from his beautiful dream, to tell him to have his ass outside of Truth at a certain time.  Jamie does, with Tommy in tow.  He tells Jamie he’s gonna not pay Karen for the clubs, he’s gonna pay him for intercepting his shipment.  Jamie does. He tells Jamie to sit down at his own damn dinner table and he does.  He even got his chick feeling free to clown Jamie – in his own damn house.  Then lit up a square in what looks like a very smoke free crib.  Just damn disrespectful.  Ghost feels like he found a vulnerability in Milan – I presume it will have something to do with squares (cigarettes for my non black readers – do I have any?), since they ZOOMED in on the cancer stick, providing us with an obvious clue.

Tommy Egan, of the Fuckless Egans

Milan said to Tommy that although he doesnt see it, this is the best time for him to be alive.  I agree.  Tommy doesn’t give a shit about anything right now.  Basically called Ghost a bitch assed nigga for rolling over for Milan to which Ghost responded “watch your attitude Tommy” – HUUUUUUUUUH?  Ghost who the fuck are you?  His 73 year old auntie?  You not gonna give him any hard candy after church if he doesnt fix his face? Fuck outta here dude.  Your own son aint even scared of you.  Ahem…sat in Milan’s face and asked if he eats people.  Told Milan he aint killing the gun running priest just cuz he told him to and then aint kill the gun running priest.  Consistently visiting Holly and lil Hommy/Tolly’s gravesite.  Letting Milan’s goons beat the fuck out of him cuz basically living is a moot point for him right now.  Tasha in one of the most awkward reveals of all times, done told him Holly was preggo which pushes him one foot further towards the grave.  Although his fux reserves are being depleted by the second, he does manage to scrounge up one to go ask Tasha to give him the money to help pay off Milan, which she interestingly does after turning Ghost down for a loan.   He started off this episode being viewed as disposable to Milan..he ends it looking like a valuable asset to the person he calls the Serbian Hannibal Lecter.

Internal Affairs Investigation

Speaking of Hannibal Lecter, Agent Starling is crawling all the way up all of their asses in the State’s Attorney Office.  Told the clueless ass “NOT IN MY OFFICE ” boss the problem was indeed UP IN HIS OFFICE. Told Gregex P. Keaton, Angie aint break the law, she broke your heart.  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Laughed in Saxe’s face bout his outside proclivities.  Tried to hit Angie where it hurt, but Angie turned that shit right back on her ass, proving it takes a woman to handle a man, and a woman to handle another woman.  Too much estrogen, nature’s deadliest element, in the scenes with her and Angie.  Angie seems to have been cleared, but the one thing she has accomplished, along with the other members of the task force is to turn Agent Starlings focus to Jamie.

Ghost got 99 probs and his bitches are 2

I’m unclear how or even if Jamie sleeps at night.  In no particular order, I present the many known and unknown problems of James St. Patrick.  Clean cash flow problems. Agent Starling looking into him.  Paz threatening to kill him. Milan period.  Tariq’s fucked up attitude. Tommy’s unhinging. Kanan’s return.  Dre’s stupidity and disloyalty. Angie demanding his help.  His inability to buy into Karens hotel’s. His poor broken heart. Tasha refusing to help him.  Did I leave anything out?  Tell me in the comments.

Myalogy Minutes

  • How does Tariq still have teeth?  Once my brother got too big, weapons were used.  Catch mama’s hand; catch this broom, muthafucka.
  • Dre has officially earned dumbest person on the show honors.  You gonna rock with Kanan over Ghost?  You do remember he killed his own kid right?
  • Why does Tommy hate Dre?  Remind me.
  • Why is Karen acting like she wants to fuck Dre?
  • Why did Tommy call Dre “Tony the Tiger FACE”, oh I got that one….cuz he looks like him.
  • No, old lady…Jesus does not save, as least not you – as the pillow used to smother and kill you indicates.
  • Did Kanan kill that old lady, then click back over to Dre like he was on call waiting?
  • Seriously, what yall think is in Saxe’s file?  They straight laughed in his face.
  • How did they find Lobos?  Wouldnt they have had to had his cell number?  Wouldn’t Sandoval be the only person that had it?  Hit me with answers.
  • “My husband did murder something at the Odette.” – BRAVO BITCH, BRAVO.
  • Ghost had to eventually come clean with the only person he possibly could, Tasha…..that physical reunion is coming yall.
  • Where are momma and lil baby?  Did they go upstairs with Judy Winslow, never to be seen again?
  • An Angie/Tommy scene next week, yay!
  • An Angie/Ghost scene next week, barf.

Whatchall think?



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