Powerful Thoughts 3.6


At this point, even Court knows that we NEED to know why we have to keep watching these people have sex.  Luckily, it appears that we will have at least a week off from seeing Jamie shove his thumb in Angie’s mouf.

Last week’s Ohshitravaganza was followed up with an equally batshit roller coaster of an episode with the hits we saw and didn’t see coming.

Dr. Melfi will see you now, Tommy

Dr. Phil, Iyanla, Dr. Lecter, Dr. Fink, Dr. Oz, Dr. Love, who can cure most anything, – SOMEONE is gonna have to swoop in and save Tommy, cuz it wont be his arrogant self centered ass BFF, who couldn’t see past Angie’s vag and his tailored suit collection to save his own ass. We find Tommy in bad shape this week.  He’s sleeping in his car.  Unable to enter his apartment on his own.  Staring at the spot where Holly drew her last breath. Trying to open one beer bottle with another beer bottle – he’s just a mess.  He is clearly and rightfully unable to function after murdering his true love and unbeknownst to him, their unborn child, in their home during last weeks episode.  Somehow he manages to pull it together long enough to not only formulate a plan to take out Lobos, but participate in doing so, all while appearing to be smarter than Ghost’s dumb ass.


Livin La Vida Lobos

Lobos’ big day has arrived!  He done got them emancipation papers and he is being transferred to somewhere to do something that is better than where he is now, I assume.  Gregex P. Keaton is stoked to be heading the effort to move Lobos around which means it will go terribly and blow up in his face.  Oops!  I was wrong – it blew up in his chest, not his face, but not before being sexually harrassed and propositioned by Lobos. A undercover private vehicle was used to transport Lobos in an effort to throw off his associates, but it didn’t matter much due to the involvement of Agent Count Sandoval (those ears and nose are straight out of Transylvania, right?), who is always on the scene, playing both sides against the middle.  He feeds Lobos’ people all the info they need to derail the governmnent’s efforts.  Tommy is inexplicably part of the rescue team and throws out tire spikes, which causes the transport van to spin out, at which point an all out offensive attack is launched by Lobos’ crew.  Bullets start flying and landing everywhere, including Greg’s chest, which for some reason causes him to start bleeding from his mouth and writhing in pain.  This of course means that, because this is Power, he is not dead.  But he is terribly wounded, and manages to not fake dying long enough to see Lobos walk off into the escape vehicle waiting for him. Later we find him swaggering (lol – WHAT) into the office, fueled by righteous indignation and anger, screaming to anyone that will listen bout an inside job, but no one cares….Foiled again Greg!

Moe, Curly and Lobos

To borrow a phrase from my pal, C-line from the 9, what in the stankin fuck was that scene in the woods?  Finally, Ghost and Tommy are working together again. They have interrupted Lobos’ escape plan, and have kidnapped the person that has actively called for both of their deaths.  They have him in their clutches and all they can do is bicker, alternately call to abort the mission for equally dumb ass reasons (Angie’s trife life and whatever Tommy’s reason was), and let Lobos run off on them – while Ghost pokes Tommy in the eye and Tommy says “nyuck, nyuck, nyuck” and runs in a circle.  Are yall for fucking real?  How did these two people take over and maintain a criminal enterprise?  It’s becoming less and less believable by the episode. Lobos mindfucked them, toyed with them, ran off for what SEEMED like hours, cuz it was daylight when he left and nightfall when they found him, or should I say he found them.  Snuck up and damn near killed Ghost by choking him with the chain that connected the handcuffs he was wearing.  While watching those handcuffs tighten around Ghost’s neck, I began actively rooting for Lobos like that old lady was shouting to IceT while he was kicking Nino Browns ass…”KILL HIM!!!! KILL HIM!!!” But, kids that was not to happen – Tommy heard the struggle, knocked Lobos over the head, and freed Ghost.  Of course Ghost gave a speech before pumping him with two to the chest, which on this show means he will likely show up in next season’s season finale.

Mama call him Milan, Imma call him Milan

HOW amazing was this scene?  We all knew Dean, D, Deebo or whatever his fake name was, was working for someone, but we didnt quite no who.  (some folks said Lobos, which I am here to tell you fools made NO sense, cuz hello!  he was keeping Ghost alive.) Turns out the wait is over.  He is Milan, the Serbian that Vladimir warned Tommy about – the one that eats humans for fun.  The one who had his shipment of drugs intercepted by Ghost and he aint having it no more.  He walks in Jamie’s office an employee, who Jamie tries to treat like a bitch who he ain’t gotta explain shit to, and leaves out the boss of all fucking bosses, who wiped that smug James St. Patrick grin off Ghost’s face for the forseeable future.  Ghost will work for him again, sell his drugs and do his bidding cuz he has his hands in each and every aspect of Jamie’s life – “security” forces in his homes and businesses.  Of course dumb-dumbs answer for this is to kill him, but as the brilliant Tommy so succinctly tells his boy, he doesnt know shit bout Milan, down to the fact that he had this man working for him, in his shit every day and he doesnt even know what kind of car Milan drives.  BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN.  Ghost and Tommy are now back in the drug game.

AngeLAMEs is no more

FINALLY, got rid of Holly last week and now, as I opened with, we get a break from these people and their sad sex and small apartment which has only 4 plates on which to eat.  Jamie does the only thing that a person in his position can do to protect the person he loves…he leaves her. Tommy reminds him that Milan aint here to play and if he gets his hands on Angela, it wont be pretty.  Not to mention that if he tries to stay with her, he will have to lie to her everyday, which from my vantage point he does any damn way all the damn time so it wouldn’t be much different than their life now, except someone could show up to eat her at anytime and not in a good way.  He lies and tells her their shit aint meant to be, and that although he knows she loves him, its over….he leaves her in a pool of her own tears, while he almost drowns in his own on the other side of the door.  Angela Valdez and James St. Patrick will not be in the clubs at night.  Angela Valdez and James St. Patrick will not be sleeping all day.  Angela Valdez and James St. Patrick will not be in London, Paris nor even Tokyo. Angela Valdez and James St. Patrick are over.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Because I am a genius, when they showed Vladimir in the “last time on Power” catchup – I knew security dude was aligned with them.  Last time we saw Vladimir was 572 episodes ago, so the element of surprise was gone.
  • Sidebitch on ya Sidebitch?  – Im falling for Tommy, y’all.
  • Tasha went in record speed from “Where’s Holly?” to “What do you need Ghost?” And this from a person who told Angie she would always be doing for Ghost.  Guess she knows.  #thebottomestofbitches
  • No Tasha, Holly wont be keeping the baby.  Holly wont be doing much of anything these days.
  • Can we talk bout Jamie’s tartan  suit upon his arrival at Karen’s hotel?  #haute #hot #hawt.
  • Can anyone tell me why Tommy was involved in Lobos’ escape, when last we knew, Lobos wanted Tommy dead?  Probably not, huh?
  • Lobos just had to fall in Gregex P. Keaton’s lap when the tires blew, didnt he?  Dirty lil bird.  Im gonna miss him, tremendously……maybe.
  • The killers on this show need to come spend some time with some employees of the Chicago Police Department to learn how to shoot to kill.
  • I love hearing Lobos call Ghost, “Phantasma”
  • You took separation papers to the hotel with you to give to your wife that is currently putting her ass on the line for you, yet again? His arrogance knows NO bounds.
  • “NIGGA, I AINT GOT NO CONNECT.” –  Im falling for Tommy, y’all.
  • Where does Tommy get his coats?  #baexmas is coming
  • I woulda kicked Ghost’s balls up his throat making that phone call to Angie in front of me if I was Tasha.
  • Ghost served Tasha the tallest glass of shut the fuck up, neat, no chaser when he told her she was an accomplice.
  • At your leisure, Myalogists, I need you to go back and look at the moment Milan’s goon shows Ghost his gun and watch Ghost’s face.  You will laugh til you cry at the level of shut the fuck downitude that flashes on his mug.
  • “Emotionally, Im not ready to work for another psychopath.” Im falling for Tommy, y’all.
  • Even tho its such bullshit, Jamie questioning whether Angie loves new him or old him made me think of so many of YALL that are currently on your second marriage to the high school quarter back, who currently only sees the backs of the quarters he has in his pockets.
  • Serious question:  where are Ghost and all his suits and murder clothes gonna live now?

Whatchall think?




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